1–3 September 2017

Solastalgia is a group show taking place in two locations in Maastricht from 1–3 September.
Over the course of three days, the group exhibition in the AINSI presents commissioned and recent works by six artists, including Merel Dames & Akke Houben, Paul Devens, Lynne Kouassi, Steve Roggenbuck and Miriam Sentler, who are addressing the relationship between psychological wellbeing and environmental degradation. The exhibition brings together a collection of works that unravel and reveal the historical and social stories of a place, in a simultaneously universal and personal way. The second location, the Schark cave, will be open exclusively on Sunday the 3 rd of September. Jasper Coppes will present a commissioned site-specific work, following the footsteps of land-artist Robert Smithson.

Eline Kersten